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    Working Group  VII / 6  -  Remote Sensing Data Fusion, 2008 - 2012


General Plan of Activities



In order to achieve the goals expressed in its Terms of Reference, the WG is organising concrete activities within its 4-year time plan. Below we list our proposed activities planned up to 2012 and we mark in green activities that have already started and are on-going. This activity plan will be updated and augmented continuously.  Remarks and proposals, including new activities, are welcomed and should be sent to the WG secretary.

In our activities mentioned below we will co-operate with other ISPRS WGs and Technical Commissions, ISPRS National, Regional and Sustaining Members, as well as WGs on education of Sister and other related Societies, and other national and international organisations (e.g. UN, World Bank, Space Agencies, International Space University) involved in education and training.


Planned activities:

  1. Benchmark experiment for pan-sharpening
  2. Benchmark experiment for classification (high-resolution, DTM, DSM, SAR, Lidar)
  3. Book on remote sensing data fusion and mining